Careers in events

The events industry is one of the most exciting in the hospitality industry, employing 19,500 people. With a career in events, you could find yourself working anywhere, from Reading Festival to the BAFTA’s. Alternatively, you could work for an exhibition and conference venue where events are hosted, such as Earls Court, the O2, the Edinburgh International Conference Centre and Cardiff Indoor Arena.

The events industry is made up of several types of businesses, all playing a fundamental part towards an event’s success.

Event organisers:

Event organisers are businesses that co-ordinate and manage events. These events can be large or small in size and can range from weddings, to music festivals.

Venue providers:

Venue providers are the venues where the events occur.  These can range from small community halls to large centres, such as the ExCel centre in London where the London 2012 games were held.


An exhibitor is an organisation, company or individual that attends an event usually to showcase a product or service. For example, at a career fair an employer showcasing its jobs is classed as an exhibitor.

Event suppliers:

Event suppliers liaise with event organisers, venue providers and exhibitors to supply the events with their products and services. An event supplier will provide the event with anything from internet services to catering.

Temporary structures:

A temporary structure is the structure where the event is contained. These range from stands used during exhibitions, and marquees that can hold hundreds, to stages used during music concerts. This is a great career path for those that are hands on, as this involves setting up and organising staging, lighting and tents for shows and exhibitions.

The events industry offers plenty of choices. You could host and co-ordinate global conferences in international locations like Dubai or New York, or if you fancy something smaller – local weddings and parties.