Careers in hotels

There are over 12,000 hotels in the UK with a workforce of 262,000 people, providing accommodation for millions of guests each year. Some of these will be visiting the UK for the first time and it’s up to you and your team to make their experience unforgettable!

If you enjoy working with people, the hotel industry is perfect for you. Many hotels host events, such as weddings, parties and conferences, so it’s often a buzzing workplace with guests coming in and out, to celebrate, work and sleep.

Due to the range of services available within a hotel, there is a huge variety of career prospects. You could work in the hotel’s restaurant overseeing food preparation as the head chef, or if health and fitness is your thing, you could be a spa therapist or gym instructor. Housekeepers, kitchen porters and room attendants also play a significant part in maintaining hotel facilities, so whatever career path you choose, you will be a valued member of the team.

The hotel industry never stops! Some services within a hotel are available 24/7, so it is an industry that is exciting, fast-paced and for the hard working. If you enjoy problem-solving and a stimulating environment, you will love the challenge!