Careers in self catering accommodation, holiday centres & hostels

Self-catering accommodation, holiday centres and youth hostels are sites consisting of accommodation units for people to stay. The type of accommodation each provides is very different. Units that offer self-catering accommodation are usually apartments, where the visitor is provided with in-house facilities to serve themselves.  Holiday centres are places that provide accommodation and on site activities, such as a restaurant, bar or playground – such as Butlins. A youth hostel is the go-to accommodation for people travelling on a budget, especially students and travellers.

Youth hostels are sociable places to stay, usually consisting of shared accommodation and organised group activities. Most people staying in hostels will be travelling through the UK, giving you a great opportunity to meet people from different countries and explore different cultures. If you enjoy meeting new people, and you’re comfortable communicating with people of all backgrounds, you will enjoy a career in the industry.

Your day-to-day duties may include housekeeping to catering, so this industry is ideal if you prefer variety. You might be preparing breakfast, lunch or dinner, ensuring that apartments are clean, and if you’re working in a holiday centre, you could be entertaining guests as part of their evening show.  Accommodation may be provided as part of your job, so it can be a great opportunity to discover somewhere new.