Achievements and skills

Everyone has skills they ought to shout about on their CV. You may be a fantastic communicator, a great team leader or bilingual, but how do you let employers know?  Write a key skills section! 

Showcasing your skills in a separate section to the rest of your CV is the best way to clearly tell the employer your strong points. This is your chance to list things such as:

  • Knowledge of a foreign language
  • Use of a specialist computer programme i.e Photoshop,
  • Your ability to work well in a team

So how do you write a key skills section?

Step 1: Match your key skills to the personal specification

Although you may want to list all of your skills, this is never a good idea. Remember an employer takes an average of 20-30 seconds to read through an entire CV, so you don’t want to bulk it up with irrelevant information. Instead, carefully read through the personal specification and see if you have any of the skills the employer is looking for; these should form the basis of your key skills.

For example the job description may state:

‘We are seeking an events manager who can lead a team…’

As leadership skills are a requirement of the position, you should include this in your key skills.

Step 2: Use real life examples

Now you’ve identified your key skills, it’s crucial that you use evidence to back them up. Using real life examples is an effective and simple way to demonstrate your worth.  When choosing your key skills, think of scenarios in both your working and personal life that will showcase them. Think about the times your skill has contributed to achieving a goal or has made a difference.

If your key skill is practical or technical, you may want to state where you were trained, the level you have obtained and what you have achieved by using this skill. 

Step 3: Keep it short and sweet

Only use 2 or 3 key skills on your CV to highlight your strong points.

Here's an example: 

Key Skills


  •  I have managed a team of 11 for four years, contributing to a record number of sales in the hotel

Fluent in French

  • French A-level
  • Lived in France for a year
  • Successfully communicated with peers in a local college

If you need help writing your CV, head over to CareerScope to see its CV gallery!