Want to get headhunted by hospitality employers?

Chances are, as you’re visiting the Hospitality Guild portal, you’re someone that’s dedicated to finding a career in hospitality. You know that it’s a credible place to have a career and the opportunities are vast. You may have used our Career Map to take a look at job profiles or taken our personality test to get a career match, but are you using Talent Search?

What is Talent Search?

Talent Search is an innovative way for you to find a hospitality job. Simply build an online CV and our Good Employers can find it, and if you’re the right candidate they can headhunt you for an interview. Even if you’re not searching for a job, you can use your profile to make a record of your academic and career achievements. When the time comes to take the next step, you can come back to the Hospitality Guild portal, where you’ll have your CV stored!  To become a free member of the Hospitality Guild, register to start building your online CV.

Here’s how to make the most out of Talent Search:
1. Set your status

Are you at an apprentice, at college or maybe you’re looking for work? If you’re looking for work, let us know and your profile will be visible to recruiting employers. Once you have registered for free, sign into your profile select ‘edit profile’ and then ‘status and talent search settings’ to set your status.

2. Tell employers about yourself

The ‘about me’ section is all about you! It’s your chance to tell employers about your skills and what you can bring to the company. It’s similar to the personal profile on your CV, so keep it short and snappy. To fill in this section, register with us, sign in to your profile and select the ‘about me’ tab on the left hand side.

3. Show off your achievements

Talent Search is all about recording and showcasing what you’ve achieved at work and academically. All the work experience you’ve had and qualifications you’ve earned can be noted down for you to remember and employers to see. Once you’ve registered, sign into your profile, select ‘edit profile’ and then ‘education and training’ to record your qualifications, or select ‘employment history’ to showcase your work experience.

4. Get social

Social media is becoming a popular way to connect with employers and for employers to find out more about you. If you have any social media links you’d like to share with employers, you can add them to Talent Search. Register with us, sign into your profile and select ‘name and social’ to show employers your LinkedIn account and more.

If you have any questions about Talent Search, please email admin@hospitalityguild.co.uk and we’ll be happy to answer your queries.