Kick-start your career in hospitality with an apprenticeship

An apprenticeship is a work-based training programme that allows you to achieve a nationally recognised standard, providing a viable alternative to college or university. Kicking off your career with an apprenticeship is a great way to get ahead in hospitality – here’s why!

Earn a wage whilst developing your skills

Apprenticeships give you a fantastic opportunity to earn a wage while you develop the skills that employers want, alongside gaining practical experience. That’s right - no student loans, no tuition fees, and, hopefully, no debt! You might start out on a standard apprenticeship salary, but as you develop your skills, you increase the possibility to earn more. In fact, a recent report from Barclays and the Centre for Economics and Business Research found that an apprentices’ lifetime earnings can surpass university graduates’ by up to 270%.

Secure great career prospects

Apprenticeships are very rewarding, and getting into employment means there’s lots of potential for you to progress your career quickly. Once you’ve completed your apprenticeship, you'll have an abundance of options open to you in the industry. You might have the opportunity to carry on working in the same place, or you could look for a similar job in a different company. Having industry experience goes a long way, so being able to show that you've got that plus an apprenticeship will give you a huge advantage over other applicants.

Get support to help you develop and build your career through high quality training

One of the great advantages of doing an apprenticeship and being able to put the skills you learn into practice, is that someone will always be on-hand to learn from and show you how things are done. Asking questions, taking on more responsibility and trying new things will help you develop further. Best of all, this high quality training is at no expense to you!

What apprenticeships are available?

Here’s where it gets even better – if the above benefits weren’t enough, employers across the industry have been developing new apprenticeship standards, which are set to replace the existing apprenticeships.

The new apprenticeships will train you to a ‘gold standard’ that has been agreed by leading industry employers to ensure you have the skills, knowledge and behaviours to succeed in the industry – plus it will be recognised and transferable should you choose to explore opportunities with another company.

The diagram below shows the new apprenticeships in hospitality that are available, and progression opportunities these offer. You could go from team member to manager in as little as three years!

Where can you find apprenticeship opportunities?

There are some fantastic apprenticeship opportunities right the way across the hospitality industry – a selection of the employers championing the new standards are:

To search for hospitality apprenticeship vacancies, visit or