Gram UK Ltd

About Gram UK

Gram UK Ltd is a business unit of Gram Commercial A/S  Denmark, Europe's leading manufacturer in the design of energy efficient refrigeration. Having been established for over 100 years we have developed and specialised our production in providing people with the very best in terms of design and use within the food storage sector. Our continued focus within the area of energy efficiency has given us true recognition against others and from which we have to date the most products listed on the ECA scheme as managed by the carbon trust. We will as a company continue this drive to better ourselves so that in return we may help others. With our range continually evolving it remains certain we can offer everyone a solution for their business.

Why Gram UK chose to get involved with Hospitality House

It has a unique and clear message to address by being the leading flagship for the Hospitality Industry in terms of staff development, with the addition of a fantastic student platform as well. As a major manufacturer with many links within the Hospitality market it was important for us to support any venture that helps others in this field. We are delighted to have been a part of such an interactive venture and look forward to supporting the guild throughout its continued path.

How Gram UK contributed to the development of Hospitality House

It was very clear from the onset that this prospective new build was a truly great platform for our industry in terms of learning and development. As the leading manufacturer in the field of energy efficient refrigeration it was also important to commit in supporting the venture by allowing as many of our models as possible within the design scheme.

To this date over 20 pieces have been supplied whereby the whole venture has been predominantly fitted with Gram Refrigeration totaling over £40,000.This will allow the site to have a balanced look and create an even aesthetic image.


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