Robert Welch Designs

About Robert Welch Designs

For over 50 years Robert Welch Designs has supplied innovative cutlery, kitchen knives, utensils and table top items to hospitality establishments throughout the world. Company founder, Robert Welch (1929-2000) was an inspirational designer who believed that everyone should be able to use beautifully designed pieces in everyday life.

Still family-run, the company is now an international brand with an extensive range of exclusive products including award-winning kitchen knives, kitchen utensils and cutlery. Our current award-winning design team continuese to create products that are original, stylish, durable and functional. The Robert Welch cutlery collection is internationally recognized as one of the finest in the world. The range includes original designs by Robert Welch together with new designs from the in-house design team. The cutlery can be found in some of the best hotels and restaurants throughout the world.

Why Robert Welch Designs chose to get involved with Hospitality House

Hospitality House provides state-of-the-art training facilities and Robert Welch Designs believes that it is important for trainees to experience the best quality equipment. Our award-winning Signature kitchen knives and utensils will demonstrate that having the right tools for each kitchen task is very important. Trainees will also gain an understanding that good cutlery enhances the guests’ dining experience and is likely to influence their overall opinion of the quality of the food and the restaurant. For this reason, Robert Welch Designs is delighted to support the Hospitality Guild by providing award-winning Facet cutlery and Signature kitchen knives and utensils.

How Robert Welch Designs have contributed to the development of Hospitality House

The Hospitality section of Robert Welch Designs advised the Hospitality Guild on the selection of kitchen knives, utensils and cutlery. The company has equipped the new training facilities with Signature kitchen knives and utensils, Signature salt and pepper mills, Facet cutlery and Drift tealight holders.


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