About Zonal

Zonal’s solutions are used by more than 8,000 businesses across the UK including restaurant and pub groups, night clubs, hotels and leisure venues. The company has been helping hospitality outlets achieve their business goals for over 35 years. Zonal works with clients to increase their revenue and decrease costs through its sophisticated product suite, experienced people and a partnership approach to business.

The unrivalled financial stability and success of Zonal has enabled the business to invest significantly in product development, and we lead the market with innovation especially in the field of customer engagement, guest management, optimising the power of social media and digital marketing.

Zonal’s Aztec EPoS software includes powerful functionality used daily in over 75% of the managed house pub companies in the UK to successfully reduce costs and increase profit. The fact that these modules are integrated, intuitive and straightforward to train ensures that deployment and results are delivered quickly.

Today, Zonal has a host of hospitality technology solutions – including mobile ordering, online booking and table management, guest management and customer marketing through loyalty, all tightly integrated with EPoS. This enables Zonal to offer a fully integrated service to any hospitality business.

Why Zonal chose to get involved with Hospitality House

Zonal believe that investment in further development and training for the next generation is absolutely essential, and a positive move which we very much want to be part of. This is something we feel extremely passionate about with over 36 years in the hospitality sector, it is time to give something back and contribute to the future of our industry.

How Zonal have contributed to the development of Hospitality House

Zonal provided i700 EPoS terminals complete with our industry leading Aztec software including the hand-held EPoS terminals,  innovative Cashless Payment Solution and Kitchen Management System.

In addition, Zonal also provided ten screens streaming digital signage and the content management software AdMargin to run content throughout the facility. This is a complete technology solution, all tightly integrated with EPoS, which is where the company made its mark.

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