Business start up advice

Starting up a business can be a complex process and can often benefit from advice, here are some resources and links to useful sources to help you get going.

Generate your idea

Generate your idea

The source for your new business can come from anywhere, here are some ideas and tips to help you get started.

Generate your idea Run an brainstorming session Protect your product

Researching your market

Research your market

Understand your market is fundamental when you are starting your business, from the wider market and industry down to your local competitors. Use some of these tips to help you start out on the research path.

Market research for start ups Trade organisations

Planning your start up

Planning your start up

Setting up your company and creating a business plan are the most important elements of starting a business as decisions made at the beginning will have a significant effect on your business in the future. Make use of the resources to get started.

Setting up your company structure Business plans - start-ups Break even analysis

start up

Finding start up funding

Funding a start up does not have to be complicated, there are a number of ways you can realise your business dreams

Finding start up funding

Buying an existing business

Buying an existing business or idea

Sometimes buying an existing business or business idea can be a better option that starting from scratch. Here are some articles to help you whether choosing a franchise or becoming a pub leasee.

Buying a franchise

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