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Customer service

Keep your customers coming back with great customer service

Great customer service is key for customer retention

Bad customer service can make the difference from a one-off customer, to someone that comes back multiple times for a long period of time. Great customer service also breeds consumer recommendations, the most trusted form of advertising you can have.

If a person who spends £10 on their first visit to you then comes back every month for the next five years, they are giving you a return of £600 (that’s 60 times your original taking). If you love a local business, you will tell your friends and bring them again and again. Equally, especially with the internet and the power of consumer rating websites, just one bad experience reported online can have an enormously negative effect. 

What is the difference between good and great service?

As you would expect it’s about the detail. Here are some ways of improving the customer experience:

Understanding and improving your customer journey

Understanding your customer journey is imagining yourself in the customer’s shoes and planning how to give them the best experience at each ‘point of contact’ with your business. 

Getting great customer service from every member of staff

Each member of staff has a key role in your organisation and just one negative action from one member of staff will be what the customer remembers. Creating that sense of awareness in your staff and training them on all the key issues is essential.


Consider the core acronym of WorldHost, the programme that helped train the Olympics Games Makers for London 2012:


Visit WorldHost for more information.


Customer journey

Find out how to improve your customer journey

Your customer journey

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