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Managing people

Managing your employees from recruitment to retirement

The employment cycle

Your staff are one of the most important parts of the business, but how do you find the best staff and maintain the best performance? Here are some resources to help you at every step of the employment cycle.


Recruitment & interview

To employ the most effective staff you need to consider how best to attract, screen and interview applicants. Do you have the processes in place for each step?

Creating a job description & person specification Posting your job vacancies Screening applicants Conducting interviews Hiring candidates


Induction & training

New employees need to be integrated into your business as quickly as possible to save both you and your existing staff time and money. In order to do this you need a clear plan from the moment they arrive.

Induction Initial training Ongoing training & CPD

Performance management

Performance management

Correctly managing your employee performance and well being will increase productivity for your business.

Appraisals Grievances Employee health & wellbeing

Long term & employee exit

Long term & employee exit

Understanding how to help your employees move forward, whether retiring or leaving the company.

Workplace & state pensions

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