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Keeping up with new technology

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Technology is something that, while not necessarily the top priority for your business, is always worth keeping an eye on. Technology is evolving rapidly, but in the whirlwind of new products there might be something useful for your operation, whether it is something like a new app or a programme that will help the back office of your business or revolutionise your product. 



  • Keep an eye on the news - mainstream news will often report on new technology; you never know if it might apply to your business.
  • Read the trade magazines/websites - trade magazines often report the latest technology in your industry.
  • Crowdsource information from your customers - they always like to give opinions, so why not have a casual chat with a regular about what they have seen or organise a customer forum.
  • Don't forget the youth - young people often have more time to keep up with the latest computing/ technology trends. They might be able to provide you with input into your options.
  • Question your suppliers - a lot of technology these days has more than one function, so one of your suppliers might use something that actually could develop your business.


Gartner's Top ten strategic technology trends for 2014

  • Mobile Device Diversity and Management 
  • Mobile Apps and Applications 
  • The Internet of Everything 
  • Hybrid Cloud and IT as Service Broker 
  • Cloud/Client Architecture
  • Software Defined Anything
  • The Era of Personal Cloud
  • Web-Scale IT
  • Smart Machines
  • 3-D Printing

Gartner is one of the leading global technology research companies

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