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Product protection

You spent time developing it, so why not protect your product and service?

Types of protection

You have spent all that time developing your product or service but don’t forget to legally protect it. In the internet age your brand and product details are more available than ever, so you don’t want someone else to clone your hard work if you can prevent it.


Patents protect what makes things work - like what makes a wheel turn or the chemical formula of your favourite fizzy drink. More information is available from the British Library.


Trademarks are signs (like words and logos) that distinguish goods and services in the marketplace.


Designs protect the appearance of a product/logo, from the shape of an aeroplane to a fashion item.


Copyright is an automatic right which applies when the work is fixed, that is written or recorded in some way. More information is available from the British Library.

More information on all types of protection can be found on the website of the Intellectual Patent Office (IPO) 


As a small or medium sized business, you could:


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Tools and assets

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