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Business growth plan

Increasing sales is one of the biggest concerns for any business

How to increase your sales

You can never just sit back and say 'I have enough customers', as customers will continually leave for some reason or another.

This is a simple three step approach to help you build a marketing plan to keep your business growing.


Step 1: Analyse your market

Understanding who your customers are and what their needs are is the first step in the journey to journey to improving your sales.

Understanding your customers


Step 2: Start using tools to grow your sales

Using just one of the methods below could help you increase sales to your target customers

Promotions Merchandising Upselling Community integration Building customer loyalty

Step 3: Plan your marketing strategy and draft your business growth plan for the next year

Why use a plan?

A simple plan that has been created by the key people involved in the execution of activities aimed at developing the busines will:

  • Ensure activities in the plan can be built into the day to day operations, ensuring that vital business development activity is not postponed or ignored
  • Ensure that your budget for business development is well spent across a good range of activities instead of rushing at the last moment and wasting hundreds of pounds on poorly planned activity, such as a rushed and poorly designed advert in a magazine
  • Ensure that the key people involved in the activities have the resources to deliver them and are accountable for getting the job done
  • Ensure that everyone in the organisation is aware of the activities that are taking place and can therefore be part of their successful implementation


Follow our tips on how to develop a successful marketing plan and make the most of opportunities and download the business plan template and instructions in the assets section below to plot all your activity over a year

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