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Community integration

Become part of your community and increase your business recognition and reputation

Becoming a part of your community

This is about becoming part of you community, in a constructive way, using some very simple approaches to generate a positive feeling towards you and your business.

Why do it?

  • It integrates your business into your community in a positive way
  • It gets people talking about your business positively 
  • It has a positive impact on your team as they will enjoy getting involved
  • It endorses your commitment to your social responsibility

Some examples

Working in synergy with local partners

Team up with some synergy partners, such as local charities, and local businesses that can bring resource to the idea

  • E.g. Car Wash at the Local fire station: Contact your local fire station and work with them to promote a car wash Saturday (people turn up and the fire team wash cars and rinse with thefire  hoses, kids get to see the station and engines, while your business can provide free coffee if you are a coffee shop or a long queue of taxis if you are a local taxi business)

Host or sponsor an event

  • Annual treasure hunt
  • Sports day
  • Annual drama performance

Deliver a talk or presentation to groups in a local school

The local coach hire business could do a talk on driving safety or tourism in our locality, while a local restaurant could do a talk on the food chain, or the story of a coffee bean (all of these subject areas are on the curriculum)

Sponsor a local team

This could be anything from 12 water bottles for a local primary school football team, to all of the kit and pitch-line banners at the town’s rugby club, depending on the size of your business and budget.

  • Do it professionally
  • Ensure that your name and brand is associated with the sponsorship
  • Take photos and get them onto your social media streams and in the local media
  • Suggest that family and friends of the team have 10% discount for a month on all items in your business

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