Application process

Step one: Online submission

  • The first step is to complete a submission to People 1st, which includes a number of questions and an option to provide information as evidence against the criteria.
  • The application is then reviewed, along with the supporting evidence to establish whether the programme meets the minimum criteria for Quality Marking.

Step two : Reviewing of your training course or programme

  • Your programme is reviewed. This may require a visit to your premises to go through the training or over the phone if the material is on-line.
  • An assessor makes a recommendation to a panel, which will decide whether the Quality Mark should be awarded.
  • Where submitted evidence does not suggest achievement of the criteria, or where clarification is required, the organisation may be asked to provide further evidence as appropriate.

Step three: Approvals panel

  • Once the People 1st approvals panel has endorsed the assessor’s recommendation, the decision will be securely published online.
  • If a programme is successful, the provider will be given a Quality Mark logo for use on internal and external communications and listed on the appropriate website(s).
  • Where unsuccessful, a summary of the decision will be made available along with suggestions for where improvements can be made to achieve the standard.
  • If the organisation applying for the Quality Mark is not satisfied with the outcome and process, they can appeal the decision.