Resources for small and medium sized businesses

Helping your business

Small and medium businesses equate for 99% of our sector. The success of our industries depend on your growth. Registration to the Hospitality Guild for free will give you access to a range of resources that we've compiled specifically for SMEs to help support and develop your business. The resources cover the following areas:

Your product or service


Customer needs and desires change continuously. Improving your product and/or service will help your business survive. The question is how to do it?

 This section includes information, tools and resources on:

  - Finding out what the market wants      - Keeping up with new technology
  - New product development                   - Protecting your product


Your operations

225x125-people.jpgThere are many activities that you as a small business owner/manager have to deal with day to day just to get the keep the business on its feet.

Here we provide information and resources to help you on areas including:

  - People
  - Customer service     - Compliance & efficiencies


Your sales & marketing

225x125-business-planning.jpgGrowth is important to any business, if you don't try and improve your sales, gradually they may decline. So what is the secret?

Use our resources and signposts to help you with:

  - Planning to grow your business
  - Websites & social media


Your finance

225x125-cash.jpgFinancial management is the backbone of your business. You need to know what you have and how you are doing.

Here we provide information and tools to help in areas of:

  - Costs and profit                  - Funding your growth
  - Controlling your labour        - Managing your cash
  - Accounting & VAT              - Measuring your financial performance


In registering with the Hospitality Guild to access these resources, your business will also be listed within our employer guide, have access to post your vacancies for FREE and search our talent database of individuals looking for a career in the industry.