BII Schools project

BII Schools project


This Government initiative involves all areas of the hospitality industry and BII is keen to respond, for two reasons:

  • to promote the licensed retail sector as a desirable career choice and a vital component of the solution to community issues
  • to contribute to Government’s impetus to generate a sense of personal responsibility to oneself and the community, through education of young people.

The central point of the BII Schools Project is its website which contains details of all the initiatives BII and BIIAB are undertaking. 

Resources for teachers/tutors

  • Hospitality Matters Quiz Sheets, which can be used without any preparation needed – the learners can work straight through the sheets and will gain valuable knowledge and understanding of the hospitality industry and the risks associated with alcohol misuse.
  • Online quizzes. Learners can complete these online at any time, enter their details (first name, name of their teacher and school) and may even receive a prize. Or teachers/tutors/youth leaders can print them off and use them as classroom exercises.

More information

For more information please visit the BII