Food Education At Schools Today (FEAST)

Food Education At Schools Today (FEAST)


In 2007 the FEAST campaign (Food Education At Schools Today) was created by the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts to take on the challenge of championing food education and practical cookery in primary schools. As a result of the work carried out for FEAST, which included research and reports and meetings with the Task Force (gathering support from a variety of interested parties) it was decided that to make the campaign work effectively, we need to expand Chefs Adopt a School itself in order to demonstrate firsthand the importance and benefits of food education.


If CAAS could increase its reach from 21,000 to say 500,000 per year we would be better able to demonstrate the impact of teaching children about food and strengthen our voice so that we may be heard by the Government (who has yet to indicate that they take food education seriously).
The aim of Plan For Growth is simply for Chefs Adopt a School to train more chefs to deliver food education in schools with the goal of reaching half a million children per annum by year five. In order to do this the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts is seeking the support of the hospitality and food industries in the form of committing their chefs to CAAS; and also the funding to deliver the Plan For Growth.

Support the FEAST Campaign and Plan For Growth
There are several ways in which you can help:

  • Sponsorship – there are several packages available
  • If you are a Chef or Front of House professional, sign up to learn more about delivering CAAS, or encourage your staff to do so.

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