Family Food

Family Food


The Initiative: There are many initiatives that support healthy eating in schools, also initiatives that support children’s food education and some initiatives that support parent’s food education but there are few that go beyond this, to help develop and support an appreciation for both food and family, together.
Our Ongoing Objective: to run a series of seasonal cookery classes in secondary schools across the country, using chefs from the Craft Guild, who are all trained to the same level, in order to deliver a programme that captures, what we think, are all the essential criteria for developing a family bond through relevant food knowledge, through the seasons.


There are many aims we need to weave through each course but the most important one is for both the parents and children to have fun together; this makes the bases for integrating the following objectives:

  • Preparing food that’s time and cost effective, using ingredients that are readily available, reducing waste through alternative use and ‘ideal’ storage, Nutritionally balanced, working with the ‘Eat Well Plate’ principal,  covering all the food groups, supporting a weekly menu cycle, Understanding allergens, Information on both allergens and intolerances, Basic Food Hygiene & Health & Safety
  • Ensuring safe practice procedures including the 4 C’s (Cross contamination, cleaning, chilling & cooking), Equipment, Ensuring that only basic equipment is needed, Skills, Developing on the skills already in the home and learning new ones, Culture & Community Each course tailored to each school, Sharing information, Developing a Craft Guild family food network, Highlighting the provenance of food:

How it works: The Craft Guild facilitates the connection between the chefs and the schools and also works with the school, to ensure the facilities can support the training and also supports the chefs with all the materials and knowledge required to deliver the training.

Each school will have the opportunity to run 4 classes per year; one with each season.

Each session will run for two hours and will be at a time that suits both the families and the school.

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