IOH Accreditation for Academic programmes

IOH Accreditation for Academic programmes


Institute of Hospitality Accreditation confers on an organisation the international recognition of a quality standard in respect of programmes that are relevant to the needs of the hospitality, leisure and tourism industries and which meet accepted Institute of Hospitality benchmark standards.


The accreditation of programmes helps to promote internationally recognised quality standards, assist in the mobility of labour and facilitates global recruitment. The Institute of Hospitality Accreditation logo demonstrates that the accredited programme(s) meet recognised levels and standards of professional, knowledge, skills and understanding.

Institute of Hospitality accredited programmes are:

  • Appropriate for professional career development within hospitality, leisure and tourism.
  • Matched to international benchmarks for hospitality, leisure and tourism programmes.
  • Mapped against core components in the Institute of Hospitality Management Standards.
  • Recognised as Continuing Professional Development for Institute of Hospitality grades of membership

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