UKHA housekeeping olympics 2014

UKHA housekeeping olympics 2014


Every day, in thousands of hotels across the UK and abroad our Room Attendants, Porters, Public Area Attendants carry out their daily chores as the backbone of the Hotel Industry, often with little recognition and very rarely receiving acknowledgement for the hard work they perform tirelessly every day.


Competition guidelines

How many people can take part?

4 people in a team and only 1 team per Hotel.

One member of each team should have strong English to help complete the questionnaire as a
team. All must have reasonable English to be able to communicate with the judges.

Who can take part?

Room Attendants and Porters representing 1 hotel (can be contracted out).
Executive Housekeeper or Hotel Manager presenting their team has to be a UKHA member. Sorry no team pretending to be
maids can be accepted, as this is to reward our Room attendants.


To find the best Housekeeping team in the UK and to recognise all their hard work within the industry.