Women 1st

Women 1st


Empowering the female leaders of tomorrow
Women are the backbone of the hospitality, leisure, travel and tourism industry, making up nearly 60 per cent of the sector's workforce – but only 6 per cent of senior board executives, half the national average. In passenger transport, just 22 percent of the workforce is female.

Women 1st wants to change this...
- By bringing together employers, women managers and entrepreneurs to provide engaging and practical examples of how to overcome barriers to employing more women in senior position
- Through a new programme of government funded mentoring and personalised training which supports a group of the sector's brightest female junior managers to fulfil their potential
- By recognising the achievements of up and coming female industry leaders through the sector-focused Shine Awards.
- By campaigning for industry to recognise the significant loss of trained and skilled talent that occurs when women lack the right support to overcome some of the challenges they face in their careers.


Women 1st comprises the following activities:

  • Step Up - Step Up is a unique and intensive development programme, comprised of six one-day training sessions, which takes the participant through a sustainable, long-term transformation in their leadership abilities.
  • Leadership Network- Women 1st has established a strong network to support women in their careers, giving participants the opportunity to benefit from one-to-one mentoring with the sector's highest performers.
  • Female Chefs' Development Programme - The Female Chefs' Development programme provides bespoke management training for women working as chefs, helping them to move into more skilled and senior positions. Delivered over six days, the programme combines essential management, organisational and technical skills development.
  • Women 1st in Scotland - Step up programme and Leadership Network in Scotland
  • Regional Connects - Locally hosted informal, part social, part-educational events with inspirational speakers sharing their success stories.
  • Women 1st Conference - Building on the Women 1st ethos that gender-balanced management is good for business, the Women 1st Conference offers a jam-packed day of continuous professional development for aspiring female leaders, entrepreneurs and existing managers who want to take their careers to the next level.
  • Best Practice Examples - Sharing the best examples and case studies of employers and individuals who have found practical and engaging ways to encourage women to fulfil their career ambitions within the sector.
  • The Women 1st Top 100 Club and Shine Awards - Recognising and celebrating women's achievements within the hospitality, passenger transport, travel and tourism sector.

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